Services we offer

We work with design, development and porting of software within the hardware-related programming

on various hardware platforms, ranging from the smallest microcontrollers to PCs.

Special redesign of older computer systems with obsolete IC chips, compiler and missing documentation is our strength.


Embedded / Microcontroller.

Software coding in c, c ++, C # and assembler.

From 6502, 8051, 68000 for various ARM based mcus, ATMEGA, STM32.

Keil, Atmel Studio, Visual Studio, STM32Qube, VisualGDB.

Hardware-specific programming for various platforms, including driver development for eg Zilog 85C30.

Extensive experience with various serial protocols such as CAN, RS485 / 422, MPC, ModBus, SDLC / HDLC.


Windows CE.

If you are running Windows CE, we can help you avoid the typical mistakes

If you need a device driver for a proprietary hardware interface or porting an existing driver, we can help you.

Extensive experience with various pieces from Toradex and custom baseboard solutions.


Windows embedded.

Embedded XP (WES2009), Embedded 7, Embedded 10 and 10 IoT Core for raspberry pi.

Embedded components and tools, eg EWF / FBWF / UWF and build automation.